Monday, October 29, 2012

List It Tuesday

( or are they?)
Aimee's got a great list prompt this week.
Now that I've got it written down, it seems so much more manageable,
I just might do these few:)
This list typically runs on Tuesdays but due to the hurricane
she started the contest early in case power is lost.
I'm doing the same, signing on early due to the hurricane Sandy.
Our lights keep flickering and the tall, tall trees out side are swaying ominously.
It's a waiting game.  And we have our flashlights at the ready:)
 Read all about here:

 Go to Aimee's page to check out other links!
Have a safe and happy day!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Sunday Sketches 10/28/12-Weapons to fight the dark.

Okay, so we have this raging, torrential storm on its way and expected to hit the NY/NJ area. It's supposed to spin in a counter-clockwise direction and come from our southeast.
So, of course, my husband switches
over to Survivor Mode.

Check out Sunday Sketches and catch up on the other artists that did some creating today too!
 Oh don't get me wrong, I don't take these things lightly
but he is crazy serious, dear boy.He's been up since the crack of dawn, scheming and working and battening down the hatches,
while my son and I dream away in our beds til mid-morning. 
C knows he is a complete target to our snickery and giggles,
while he lines up his flashlights and
counts his batteries. One part of me laughs and teases
about his behavior but there is the other part of
my brain that knows that I'm going to thank
 my lucky stars that many hurricanes ago
I said "I do" to this nut.

And when I hold a fully lit flashlight for five days
straight he'll be smiling wide :))

Don't forget to visit this link to view
some other Sunday Sketchers work:)
Take care and be careful this week,
whether or not you are in the path of a this storm.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Art, Baby

I started the first illustration and called it 'Melancholy Baby' but then when I did the next drawing I realized that I didn't want to use "baby" to refer to a girl or woman.
Its cute, but degrading, I think.

This one is my favorite, I made this the same night that I went to a Reiki workshop. I was feeling the love for sure.
(thank you Angie!)

So I put a comma in to make it more of a statement. Like "Yeah, baby!" I feel better about it now.

I liked drawing the hair on this one.

I originally spelled Melancholy wrong so I whited out with that White-Out tape, what a disaster!
I have to put this in Photoshop this weekend and clean it up.

When I was a kid I was infatuated with Vogue and Glamour magazine and would draw anything and everything from those pages. I wanted to be a fashion illustrator in the worst way.
Once my mother got hold of a Simplicity pattern book, those huge ones that were in the sewing shops, and I had a ball copying the illustrations from that too.
My favorite illustrators were Antonio Lopez

 and Patrick Nagle
So every now and again I get the itch to do a fashion illustration. I can't remember the last time I bought a Vogue magazine but I looked up some Dior Fall couture images online and drew from the photos.  I liked the Givenchy Fall images too but they weren't catwalk photos... just the girls standing there like mannequines.

TGIF and take care!
“Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.”  

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Sunday Sketch 10/21/12

Another illustration lamenting the chores of the home....
my husband usually washes and 
irons his own things [I know its great]
SUNDAY SKETCH - Check out the others at BlueChairDiary
Tonight he made a trade with my 12 year old (?!?!)
that if he walked the dog for the twelve-year old,
the boy would iron his shirts and pants.
Imagine how that one turned out....
Saturday, I knuckled down and made the book
I had the urge to make. I ended up using a different
YouTube tutorial and went for coptic stitching.
It took me a long time because I had to
re-do the stitching twice but I love how it came out:)
Makes me just want to make more.
Have a GREAT and creative week everyone!
Take care,

Saturday, October 20, 2012

drawing and writing

I've been doing alot of drawing and illustrating quotes and
phrases this week.
I have posted a few here!

Instagram has become a favorite of mine and I have to admit

I'm a bit addicted.
I am sure that will pass though, first it was Facebook,  then
Twitter, some Flickr, Tumblr, it
goes on and on and I am sure there will be something new.
This is how it looked like when I posted on Instagram, there are filters to modify the way it appears.
This is a filter I like and use often.
 Its amazing how things just keep on changing.


 I find that I get excited and exhausted by it all.
I try to keep up but its impossible. LOL!
Well I am off to the art store, I have this sudden

design to make a book.

I have the thread for binding, etc. I need paper

 and a few other things to make it happen.

I found a good video
on YouTube and will try it out.
I may or may not post what I create,

 LOL, it depends on how good it comes out.
Happy Saturday:)

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Sunday Sketches 10/14/12

Mugs!  :) 
I was so tempted to put images on these mugs/cups
 but I resisted.
 I wanted to keep the focus on the shapes.
I think I may try another with the mugs in their actual colors and graphics.
 We'll see. No pressure:)
My son and I took our dog (Einstein), packed up the car and 
visited with my sister's family and my parents today.
It was an interesting visit...
I was raised in a family with four kids
and it's funny I forget about the whole sibling situation and the issues involved.
My neice and nephew were in rare form and it sort of made me
nostaglic for the times my brothers, sister and I would argue and bicker. 
But at the same time I was quietly thankful I don't have to referee that daily.
Of course, my son is an only child...
its the way things worked out and life is good. 
It's sort of funny watching my son's expressions and
how he quietly observes their arguments.
And of course, in the car on the way home,
he wants to talk about me and my siblings.

What did we fight about? Did you get really mad?
It was a fun conversation, me driving along with
him in the back, with Einstein, laughing and laughing.
I love that kid :)
Have a wonderful week and be well!

Friday, October 12, 2012

its about time!

It's Friday and its about time! Wow, it felt a bit long for me!  As well as the fact that I've
finally gotten my thoughts down and sketches out so that I can post my Tuesday list and
participate with Artsyville's fun challenge!
I actually forgot to add fortune cookie fortunes to the list but I happen to have made a page
devoted to these little slips of fun...
I'm actually a sucker for tons more things, but these are the ones with the most suction

lately for me...I also forgot to add Instagram, now THAT can get to be an

obsession if you're not careful!
It is so brand new for me that I am getting a bit wrapped up and
insisting all my friends and family get on board too. 
But goodness, could they have made it any easier for chrissakes!? Its makes Facebook and

Twitter look and feel so damn complicated. Not to mention Blogger, LOL!
Well don't forget to visit Aimee's blog, she's always got something great she's

created posted there and her work is always so fresh and fun.
On that note, have a fabulous weekend!
My boy has a football game today on this gorgeous fall day. GO VIKINGS!
Take care and be well,

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Sunday Sketch 10/7/12

It's Sunday again...
I had such a nice weekend with friends and family.  
Saturday we got together with family for birthdays.
Things turned out different than planned but in the end it all worked out fine:))

 My nephew, sister and mother are all celebrating
birthdays on the 5th, 6th and 8th of this month. 
[Happy Birthday Mama! XO] 
And today I got together with a friend for lunch and some shopping.
The weather was rainy and gray, but what a pleasant afternoon we had.
Please stop over to Sunday Sketches and
check out the other participants.
 I hope everyone has a super week:)
 Take care! Be good to yourself
and to those around you,

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Quotes and more quotes

I've been using this journal book for sometime now
with micron and gouache. Here are some quotes with just the pen.
I had alot of fun with this one
I just love this quote

I hope everyone enjoys the rest of the week. TGIT
Be good to yourself,