Sunday, December 30, 2012

2012 is almost over!

The end is near and another beginning is going to start. Really, tomorrow is just another day amongst days. However I like the rituals of keeping track and taking notice of time passing. I have been on and off the web lately just relaxing and taking it all in during these holidays. And I'm getting some artwork done:

A message for 2013, gouache

Heart on Fire

a page from my art journal

I'm doing other creative stuff along with my regular painting and drawing, like papercutting and origami.

Enjoy your holidays and the loved ones you keep them with :)
See you in 2013,

Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Well I'm here and posting - woohoo! Not much to say, been busy like I should be.
Life, work, kid, holidays, more work, etc, and blah blah blah.
As usual I'm trying to do art in between the raindrops and its been stormy!! ;0)
I sat for some time tonight to commerorate this strange, semi-pointless day of twelves.

Numbers, time, its all pretty much an illusion isn't it? hmmm..
Here are some more from that page:
I've also been trying out some papercutting. I got a book the other day and I'm still reading through it and check things out. So, I did a papercut and, boy, they are hard to do. I am using an Xacto blade and not scissors. yet.
I've got other things I'm doing too , mostly doodles but I'm trying to do something every day! Just got to or I'll disintegrate, I think LOL!

Linking up today with Mary today:)
have a happy week!
Take care,

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Sunday Sketches and AEDMs

 I had such a nice week off. I did zero! It was fantastic..
I spent the whole time drawing, painting and working on Etsy stuff.
Today was spent mostly working on my shop. [ I'll post more about that tomorrow or Tuesday.]
Here are some art journal pages I created this week. This one below was my final AEDM for the month. The Gadget page was made on the 29th and my amaryllis page was created on the 30th:


I posted this one a while back but got a chance to finish it up with watercolors this week.

I also decided today that I'd update my banner on my shop. Here are some sketches I made this afternoon , so it's technically, my Sunday Sketch!
Then here is the cleaned up version below:(Blogger gets funny after you put in a couple of photos, it doesn't allow me to up size this art...oh well!)
I wanted to have a banner that was made with my own handlettering rather than a computer generated font. Mostly because I do so much of it. I'm happy with how it turned out but I'm sure I'll change it in the future.
I am still learning about working on  and keeping an Etsy shop.  I have to commend each and every person who maintains a presence there. It's such hard work! I knew it would be that is probably why I procrastinated so long... I am really trying to attack this and tried to upload as much as I can. I felt for a long time that I had to wait for the "right" time , blah, blah...but it's never the perfect time to do almost anything so who was I trying to fool? LOL I have alot more to do but I feel like I'm finally getting started. I have to learn how to make a treasury. I also have to remember to get active on that site at least once a day. I am open to any and all suggestions/comments:)

Speaking of Etsy sites....Please check out Cameron's blog, she is hosting a contest and giving away a  a 50% OFF Coupon Code to use on any ONE item in her shop
All you need to do is leave a comment:) 

Please remember to stop by Blue Chair Diary's blog and have a look at all those participating in Sunday Sketches, I promise you you'll be glad you did!
Have a good week!