Wednesday, February 27, 2013


 My job has got me so busy and I
feel like I'm getting in just bits of life activities
 in here and there. This too shall pass:)
I tried to get some painting in the other night
and I'm happy with the result.
Painting is my escape, brief as can be, but still...
I get lost in making these abstracts.
Happily lost, I'd like to say.
I wish I had time to paint or draw up my list for
Artsyville's LIST IT Tuesday but it's
 not in the cards for me this week.
I can even imagine what I would draw...
but not enough time in the day!
So, here goes -
This week's suggested topic was "what's working for you."
1.My new haircolor
2.My decision to no longer micro-manage J's homework and after school activities. I've just let it go. And amazingly we both are surviving.
3. Painting multiple times a week. Gotten into a groove. I've still got some days left.... I'm not giving up hope on squeeking out some time this week.
4. My new meal plan. I've been rolling 20 days now. It works if you work it, Frannie
5. Going to bed before midnight MOST days.  This night owl can actually do that. One day, I'll be a morning person, its my dream.
6. Eating dinner earlier in the evening. Switched around homework time and dinner time. Mucho better plan.
7. Staging my coffee maker the night before. Gee, what a bright idea I had, will wonders never cease? 
I hope to get another post in this week.
Please visit Artysville's blog,
she is sparkling, colorful and humorous.
Also, why not have a peek at some others
I've listed on my side bar? I love going to these spots.
Maybe you will too I hope so! :)
Also linking up to Show Me What You Got art linkup.
Have a wonderful day!
Take care,


Monday, February 18, 2013

Felt Fun

About a year ago, or more, Pat at Lost and Found mailed me a wonderful handmade sketchbook and a felt heart pin she made. I am so in love with this pin and its always wanted to make my own. This weekend I finally bought some felt and my mom and I worked together to figure how out to do this. Here is our work. My mom made the flower, and I made the circle piece. Barb is amazingly good at all crafts and gets it right on the first try! I needed another shot to get it right. I tried the bird later last night and am pleased with the results. 

Mom's flower

First try for me:)

My second go at it!
Then after making the little thingies, I thought I would try embroidering a typical doodle I do... I have to say that, for me,painting is a whole lot easier than embroidering! I've got to hand it to those who stitch! It's definately a process!
 I hope everyone had a very nice Valentine's Day!
Take care and will be back soon!
Linking up to Creative Every Day.
So that means I'm going to try to post more often.
Daily as a matter of fact. 
Wish me some luck, for cryin' in a bucket.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Wednesday's Tuesday List-It

Another List-it coming right up!
Thanks again to Aimee's blog for such great inspiration.
I doodled these out last night. I like this challenge, simple and fun but allows me to be reflective and appreciate the little things ;)

I've also been doing some abstract work.
I love to get to do this because I just get lost in the process and can just meditate.

My scanner did a terrible job so I ended up using my iPhone to photograph but the color is still weird


Please get over to Artsyville and check out this Tuesday's List-It participants:)
You'll be glad you did!


Monday, February 11, 2013

List it Tuesday - 6 days late

Well, Artysville left us to our own devices this past Tuesday. I tried to come up with something and had a hard time and was trying to be overly creative.. So I thought I'd just list what I like and keep near to me. Everyday items that I like, that is. I was posting the earlier images on Instagram then I ended up painting the piece. I am not sure if I should let it be now, I may go back and add some more color. But time will tell.
 My list is of things : 
  • A crochet needle - its my newest hobby. I was taught to crochet by my grandmother and whenever I'm crocheting I think of her :)
  • A Sharpie marker - I have a ton of colors and prefer blue and green. You never know when you need to permanently mark something!
  • Super fine, cutting scissors. These CutterBees are amazing. I love 'em and have had them for a few years. I bought them in my scrapbooking days.
  • A recent origami creation. I watched a YouTube video that shows how they are made. I just love holding it and can't believe that I made this little creation from two pieces of paper..
  • My newest knife.
  • 'votive' candles from the dollar store. I use these instead of lighting real candles. I get so nervous with a real flame. I'm forever forgetting to switch these off, that i shudder to think of me leaving a lit flame unattended.
  • Earphones, for my Pandora stations.
  • My ultimate and favorite, fav, fav,fav brush with the clear acrylic handle. I've had this for years and just can't live without;)
  • A shot glass that my husband bought somewhere. I love it because I don't have to haul out all the little measuring cups and has all the different measurements on it.
  • Last, but not least, my little 'prayer' book. I keep all sorts of great sayings and quotes in here that I come across. It has to be unique and GREAT to get into this book. I think I bought that in the city somewhere years ago. Its about 3"x2"
Tomorrow is Tuesday again ...another list:)

Have a great day!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

I Got Soul

I've been listening to Pandora endlessly these days. My typical mode of music listening is to download an album and just listen to it to death. I remember when I lived in NYC I spent an entire summer, three months, listening to U2's POP. I'm relentless. So now when I hear any of those POP songs out of the blue, I automatically think of the #2 train, LOL. Pandora is good because it mixes things up but there are repeats here and there, which most people grumble about but its fine by me.
The Killer's lyric, from my Instagram account

I like The Killers alot and I had some lyrics stuck in my head, and oddly enough, as soon as I illustrated it, *poof* it left me little brain! I've done some more micron drawings and the one below got me a commision to do a tattoo design! I've only done one before this..I hope it works out and she actually gets it done!

excuse the poor quality, used my phone:)

Last Sunday was my parent's 50th anniversary and we had a terrific dinner out.
My brothers, sister and I gifted them with a cruise this fall.
My mom loves to do origami so I made up some boat favors.
I had so much fun making these and I think they got a big kick out of them.


I love these two:)
Aren't they cute?

Have a great weekend! Keep warm! It's cold out there!